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23 May 2024

Turkey's domestic car TOGG has been armored!

Security is our priority! We armored our TOGG TX10 vehicle at BR4 level. We now provide maximum protection and security on every journey.

Turkey's domestic car TOGG has been armored!
Turkey's local and national pride, TOGG, is armored at BR4 level, providing protection against high-power weapons. Armored against gun bullets, TOGG's doors contain aramid panels used in space research and military purposes, bulletproof clothing and ballistic compositions.
İsmail Eşsiz, who deals with vehicle armoring in Ankara, applied BR4 level armoring to the domestic electric car Togg, which provides protection against high-power weapons.
İsmail Eşsiz explained the details of the armoring process performed on Togg at the company in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone.

Stating that they armored the vehicles from the inside suitable for both rural and urban use according to the desired level of protection, Eşsiz said that with the developed hidden armoring system they applied, the vehicles can be used without any problems in all kinds of ground and climate conditions and their performance suffers almost no loss.

Stating that they have armored hybrid vehicles before, Eşsiz said that they implemented the armoring process on a fully electric car for the first time with Togg.

Türkiye'nin otomobili Togg zırhlandı

"The main lines of the car are made entirely of armor steel"

Stating that the Togg is armored at BR4 level, Eşsiz said, "It is armored according to gun bullets, it is resistant up to 45 caliber. Not only against bullet threats and attacks, but since the main lines of the car are made entirely of armor steel, it can also provide security to the vehicle like the roll bar system in racing vehicles." he said.

Pointing out that one of the most important factors affecting the range of electric vehicles is the weight of the equipment they contain, Eşsiz said, "Togg is our first electric vehicle experience. It has a weight of around 210 kilograms." he said.

Türkiye'nin otomobili Togg zırhlandı
Stating that they tested the vehicle with a full charge before and after the armoring process, Eşsiz noted that as a result of this test, they detected a range loss of 20 kilometers after the process.

Unique stated that the windows are 22 millimeters thick and the armor of all visible parts of the car's exterior parts is at BR4 level.

Türkiye'nin otomobili Togg zırhlandı
"There are aramid panels inside the doors"

Stating that there are aramid panels inside the doors, which are used in space research and military purposes, bulletproof clothing and ballistic compositions, Eşsiz said that they create a light and durable armor layer in this way and said, "Togg excited us. Our national car is our national pride and it is a great pleasure to armor it." We got it." he said.

Eşsiz said that Togg's armoring process took 40 days, but with the experience they gained, they expected to complete the armoring process in 20 days from now on.

Eşsiz pointed out that they also changed Togg's tires and said, "There is a technology we call 'run flat' in the tires. Even if the tires go flat, it can reach a distance of 80 kilometers at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour." he said.


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